Cloud Based end-to-end Network Management

Glue is our flagship product, which aims to lead the pack as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) within the Telecommunications industry.

Software Defined Networking

Manage your entire network regardless of the underlying network technology.

1. Orders

Take full control of your data & physical sales products – share them with specific ISP’s or to a specific network. Customers can apply through our easy to follow application form – channeling the lead directly to your sales team.

2. Order Processing
Stay on top of your latest orders with our comprehensive order processing flow for your sales team. Seemlessly delegate & assign tasks to the relevant team member – keeping the ISP in the loop throughout the entire process.
3. Manage Inventory
Load supplier equipment orders and stay up to date with integrated parcel tracking. Scan inventory in/out using the mobile app – keep track of staff members stock on hand with live movement logs.
4. Manage teams in the field
Issue tickets and manage teams on-the go with our mobile app or via the web portal. Get live feedback from teams on the ground with updates for troubleshooting, installations and site surveys.
5. Manage Service Accounts
Process all upgrades/downgrades/terminations & suspensions through the service account view. Keep a log of all changes & tickets processed against the specific account.
6. Bill
Make sure to stay on top of your finances, with in-depth item analysis of your billing. Giving you peace of mind with automated billing and various reporting levels.
7. Device Insight
Get valuable device statistics such as synced connections, temperature, distance from headend equipment & optical readings.
8. GIS Network Planning
Plan out your networks before deployment with our easy to use click and plot tool. Generate reports per network, so that you have a fully detailed & bankable network plan.
9. Network Audit
Gain quick insight into metrics related all the device connections listed across your network – flagging discrepancies at the click of a button.